Wooden windows

The best long term investment:
• Wooden windows guarantee warmth with minimal energy losses
• As a natural product they create a cosy atmosphere which cannot be replaced by any other materials
• Wooden frames can be stained or painted with any colour
• The price of wooden windows is only a little higher than that of PCV windows with similar insulation parameters

For those who appreciate style, the prestige and elegance of wooden windows are the obvious choice. Precious wood combined with modern technology give the windows a unique beauty, durability and functionality.
• Casement windows
• Sash windows

Wooden-Aluminium System

The casement window of wooden-aluminium structure called GEMINI is a new structure depending on the joining of two independent frames, wooden and aluminium, between which there is an energy-saving double glazing unit. The outer aluminium frame guarantees durability, whereas the inner wooden frame ensures warmth and friendly aesthetics. The GEMINI has all the positive features of wooden and aluminium windows, the latter ensuring long-term durability without the necessity of renovation thanks to its reliable outer frame.

wooden alluminium windows wooden alluminium windows 2 wooden alluminium windows 3

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Cashment and Sash Windows

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